What Is The Role Of Crossed Roller Bearings Chamfering?

  What is the role of Crossed Roller Bearings chamfering?

  Crossed Roller Bearings chamfering in the assembly in the end what is the use? Sometimes also need to change the chamfer to be greater than the standard, and sometimes change the standard is also smaller. For Crossed Roller Bearings chamfering, first of all from the processing technology to consider, Crossed Roller Bearings materials used in cross-roller bearing steel in the rough before processing must have chamfer, so that the heat treatment of materials, the release of stress, The internal organizational structure redistribution, less prone to cracks, reduce the deformation ... are a very important role. Of course this is one of the main reasons. Followed from the assembly, transport point of view. When you hold a no chamfer parts, accidentally your hands to see the red, you are willing to contact you!

  This practical question is completely clear:

  1, chamfer can solve the problem of stress concentration.

  2, chamfer to deburring, so that the product is not sharp, will not cut the user.

  3, when the assembly from the role of positioning. Shafts because of the reasons for machining there are chamfer, Crossed Roller Bearingss have a chamfer in order to make it more affixed with the shoulder.