Treatment Method Of Overheating Of Thrust Ball Bearings

  Treatment method of overheating of thrust ball bearings

  When the workpiece of outer spherical thrust ball bearing is overheating, the coarse grain is produced, and the 8 iron volume in the steel is increased, and the thermal processing performance of the workpiece is deteriorated easily. Stainless steel body or flange parts when overheating occurs, easy to produce orange skin surface defects. In the case of the coarse workpiece of overheating organization, the method can be used to eliminate the defects and prevent the surface defects of the workpiece in the cold deformation and improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

  can check the motor thrust ball bearings, whether the motor thrust ball bearings insufficient clearance (with the selection of errors), so that the inner circle side excessive expansion, causing the thrust ball bearing overheating; The thrust ball bearing is too tight inside and tight on the sleeve, also causes the thrust ball bearing to overheat, the seal installs the error, the friction to the static part; the preload thrust ball bearing pair installs, also may cause the overheating; the r axis is not straight or the travels coil also may cause the overheating, the axle size is too big or the axle box hole size is too small, also can

  It is generally believed that if the thrust ball bearing is fixed at one end and the one end is installed, the additional axial load can be eliminated, and the thrust ball bearing can be analyzed and calculated by the pure radial load. As a matter of fact, when the main shaft of the fan is caused by the change of temperature and the axial dimension is applied to the thrust ball bearing, only when the load reaches a certain value, the thrust ball bearing of the swimming end can swim, so that the load does not continue to increase. In other words, the axial load cannot be completely eliminated by the moving of thrust ball bearings. Although this value is not large (the size of the thrust ball bearing outer ring and thrust ball bearing block), for some kinds of thrust ball bearings can be negligible.

  But for the double row spherical roller thrust ball bearing and the double row spherical thrust ball bearing, in the condition of lubrication and the constant speed, the two-column rolling body is subjected to uneven load. The contact stress of the larger rolling body and raceway increases, and the effect of friction is increased, which increases the heat generated during the operation of the thrust ball bearing. In addition, the presence of axial force will increase the number of rolling bodies on one side, and the friction points of rolling and Raceway will increase, and the heat generated in the operation of thrust ball bearings can also be increased. Due to these two reasons, the thrust ball bearing temperature rise too high. In this case, if the temperature rise of the thrust ball bearing is to be controlled within the specified range, the lubrication condition must be improved or the rotational speed of the thrust ball bearing reduced.