Thrust Ball Bearings The Use Of High-speed Operation Can Withstand The Design Of Thrust Load

Thrust ball bearings with high-speed operation can withstand the design of the thrust load, with a rolling ball rolling groove with a ring-shaped ring. As the ring for the seat cushion, therefore, thrust ball bearings are divided into flat seat cushion and aligning spherical cushion type two types. In addition, this bearing can withstand axial load, but can not bear the radial load.

Thrust ball bearing assembly has two key points. One is the control of the quality of the cage and the ball, and the other is the control of the nominal height T after the assembly of the bearing. In addition, due to the shaft ring, seat can be separated, bringing a management problem. Is to prevent imported bearings parts mixed. M-type stamping cage using crimping die. After pressing the steel ball in the pocket to turn flexible, but can not fall off from the pocket, and technical procedures to check the ball in the pocket hole in the amount of movement. Solid cage pressing pressure is too deep will make the ball ball movement is small, and the embossed convex part of the connection with the cage is too small and insufficient strength, prone to block the phenomenon, causing the cage to scrapped. Small thrust ball bearing seat ring and shaft diameter diameter difference is very small, there is no significant difference between the two groups. In order to prevent the emergence of mixed sets of phenomena, that is loaded into a set of bearings Tao Tao sets are trapped or are the axis of the situation. This requires some action. Usually with the help of auxiliary tooling will be zoning, seat group to distinguish, or in the sampling of the nominal height before the diameter check with the diameter of the inner diameter, in order to check the inner diameter is convenient, put the seat down, the shaft placed above. If the seat diameter has a significant quenching and heating oxidation or no grinding, there is no need to test the inner diameter, can clearly see the difference between the shaft and the seat, not easy to mix. Thrust ball bearings need to be assembled after the nominal height T to be measured, confirmed that the lilies. When measuring, with a height block or standard parts calibration, and to measure the load, the bearing to be rotated dozens of times, be sure to reach the minimum height.

Thrust ball bearings use:

Applicable to only one side of the axial load, low speed on the parts, such as crane hooks, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuges, jacks, low speed reducer and so on. Bearings of the shaft ring, seat ring and rolling body is separate, can be assembled separately.