Thin Wall Sealed Bearings For Industrial Robots

As a key support for robots, thin wall bearings have a significant impact on the performance of robots such as operational stability, repetitive positioning accuracy, motion accuracy and robot reliability. Currently, there are many types of bearings for robots, such as thin wall deep groove ball bearings, thin section angular contact ball bearings, thin four-point contact ball bearings and thin crossed roller bearings. The four-point contact ball bearings and crossed roller bearings are mainly used in the waist, elbow and wrist of industrial robots due to their high bearing capacity, high precision, small friction torque, light weight and smooth operation.

The seal parts of thin wall four point contact ball bearings for industrial robots are typically have and not have a seal ring. The seals parts are mainly composed of inner ring, outer ring, cage, steel ball or a non-contact type sealing ring. Inside and outside are the overall structure, the ball was four-point contact with the inner and outer ring channel.