The Timely Lubrication Of Thrust Ball Bearings Is Very Important

  The timely lubrication of thrust ball bearings is very important

  Wear is a common problem in the work of thrust ball bearings, for thrust ball bearings, the surface wear of thrust ball bearings is generally divided into three kinds:

  1. Surface abrasion of thrust ball bearings

  2. Because of the long exposure of thrust ball bearings to surface corrosion caused by air

  3. Because the use of thrust ball bearings over a long time leads to material aging.

  From the above can be seen in fact, leading to the failure of the thrust ball bearing the main factor or because the surface of the bearing wear, then we should how to reduce the thrust ball bearings wear it? First of all, we should choose the high quality material when we produce the thrust ball bearing, then apply our advanced manufacturing technology, the reasonable thrust ball bearing structure design and so on. In addition, it is important to ensure the reasonable lubrication of thrust ball bearings in the process of use, according to the data, the main cause of the thrust ball bearing failure is mostly caused by lubrication.

  For thrust ball bearings, the need for the coordination of the parts of the ministries to fine. This can not only guarantee the normal work of thrust ball bearings to reduce some abnormal heating phenomenon, but also can reduce the wear degree of bearings, greatly reducing the probability of failure of thrust ball bearings.

  It is very important to lubricate the thrust ball bearings in normal work, we should pay attention to this point in the future.