The Role Of Tapered Roller Bearing And Use Items

Although quality of tapered roller bearing and so on various aspects are good, but the rolling bearing is precision components, its use should be measured accordingly. No matter how high performance bearing use, if use undeserved, will not get the desired performance. About the use of the bearing has the following several matters needing attention:

  • Keep the tapered roller bearing and the surrounding clean.

  • Even the eyes can't see the little dust, will also bring bad influence to the bearing. So, keep the surrounding clean, dust from invading bearing.

  • Used carefully.

  • In use for tapered roller bearing strong impact, will make its produce scar and creasing, this is also the cause of the accident. Severe cases, can appear the phenomenon such as crack, fracture, so must pay attention to reduce accidents.

  • Using the appropriate operating tools.

  • Avoid operation tool for practical alternatives, must use the appropriate tools for homework.

  • To pay attention to the corrosion phenomenon of the tapered roller bearing.

In the operation of the bearing, the staff hand sweat will become one of the main cause of rust. Of staff in operation should pay attention to wear gloves, oh.

Using the hearing to identify tapered roller bearing is irregular operation is a very common method of examples with the aid of electronic stethoscope check sleep when a certain part of abnormal noise.If the bearing is in good operation condition will be whining voice, if a sharp hissing sound, make sound, usually said bearings and other irregular in poor operation condition.

  • 1 Tile surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that non-ferrous metal element concentration anomaly;Iron spectrum appeared a lot of non-ferrous metal components in sub-micron wear particles;Lubricating oil excess moisture, acid value exceeds bid.

  • 2 A shaft neck surface strain: iron spectrum have iron series cutting grinding grain or black oxide particles, metal surface heat tint.

  • 3 Shaft neck surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, there are a lot of iron in iron spectrum of submicron particles, water or high acid value oil paint.

  • 4 Surface strain: iron spectrum found cutting abrasive, abrasive ingredients for non-ferrous metal.

  • 5 Tile back micro wear: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, there are a lot of iron in iron spectrum wear submicron particles, lubricating oil moisture and acid value anomalies.

Under the condition of fluid lubrication, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability.

High-pitched squeaky noise may be caused by improper lubrication.Inadequate bearing clearance can cause metal sound.Tapered roller bearing outer ring grooves on the tracks can cause vibration, and lead to sound like the coo of a smooth, if because of the installation caused by the striking scar also can produce noise, the noise will be along with the bearing rotating speed of high and low.If there is intermittent noise, said rolling parts may be damaged, tapered roller bearing this voice is happens when the damaged surface is rolled out, bearing inner if pollutants often causes hissing sound, serious damage of bearing can produce irregular and big noise.

Bearing damage can be listening to check by sleep, but usually at this time has arrived bearing must be replaced immediately.Therefore, good methods such as using such as electronic condition monitoring instrument, the workings of the tapered roller bearing diagnostics bearing in advance.