Specialized Bearing For Industrial Robots Bearing Structural Design And Analysis

The industrial robots tend to be light weight; therefore, the specialized bearing for industrial robots should have lightweight structure. According to the requirements of loading capacity, precision, rigidity, friction torque and limited installation space, the specialized robotic bearing should have light weight, small volume, high precision and long service life time, which can be reached by the thin section bearing.

Specialized bearings for industrial robots  bearing are mainly Thin-section Bearings, Crossed Cylindrical Roller BearingsRV Speed Reducer Bearing , Harmonic Reducer Flexible Bearings, etc. Most of them uses the nonstandard, multiple rolling elements and other design principles.

  •   Thin-section Bearings  

Unlike the normal bearings, Thin-section Bearings have uniform cross section, which means that the cross section does not change regardless of the changes of inner or outer diameters; therefore, it is also called Thin-section Bearings with Uniform Section. Thin-section Ball Bearings have three series: Thin-section Four-point Contact Ball Bearing, Thin-section Angular Contact Ball Bearing and Thin-section Deep Groove Ball Bearing, mostly applicable to parts of the industrial robots, such as waist, elbow, wrist, etc. Thin-section Bearings can install more steel balls than the standard rolling bearings; thus, improving the force distribution inside the bearing and enhancing the load capacity. 

  •   Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearing   

    For the inner structure, the rollers are cross arranged on the single raceway. The retainer  or spacer is installed between rollers; therefore, Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearing  is featured by higher rotating precision and speed, larger loading capacity, smaller dimensions, and larger rigidity. Due to the lightweight structure and excellent performance, this kind of bearing is mainly applicable to mechanical arms, and robotic shoulder, waist and haunch.

  •   RV Speed Reducer Bearings   

    RV Speed Reducer is also called Precision bearing reducer. Because of its small volume, large impact resistance, large torque and high locating precision, RV Speed Reducer is widely used in the filed of industrial robots. RV Speed Reducer Bearings have multiple series of  Thin-section Bearings and Cylindrical Roller Bearings series.

  •   Armonic Reducer Flexible Bearings   

    It is a kind of wave generator, making flexible gear controllable elastic deformation. Through the controllable elastic deformation, the movement and momentum are transmitted. It is characterized by the compact structure, high movement precision and high transmission ratio, mainly applicable to the robotic joints with small or medium torque. The flexible bearing is the core component of Harmonic Reducer. The elastic deformation of flexible bearing can help achieve high reduction ratio. Moreover, the lifetime of  Harmonic Reducer mainly depends on the lifetime of flexible bearing. The working flexible bearing changes with the elastic deformation of flexible gear, which supports both cyclic and alternating stress loading.

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