Slewing Bearings Application Areas

Rotary drive is usually composed of worm, slewing ring, housing, motor and other components. As the core components using slewing ring, so you can also bear the axial force, radial force, tipping moment. Its form is many, but the structure is basically the same. From left and right are (the upper part): 1. outer ring (with teeth or no teeth) 2. seal tape 3. rolling body (ball or roller) 4. fuel nozzle from left and right are (under Part): 1. Clogging 2. Plugging pin 3. Inner ring (with or without teeth) 4. Isolation block or cage 5. Mounting hole (wire hole or light hole).

Application areas

Engineering machinery

Rotary support is widely used, engineering machinery is the first application of rotary support is also the most widely used places, such as earthmoving machinery, excavators, disintegration machines, stackers, graders, rollers, tamping machines, rock drilling machines, Others are:

Concrete machinery: concrete pump truck, concrete mixing fabric rod one machine, belt fabric machine

Feeding machinery: disc feeder, sand mixer;

Lifting equipment: wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, portal cranes, tower cranes, forklifts, cranes, gantry cranes;

Foundation Treatment Machinery: Impact Reverse Drilling Rig, Rotary Drilling Rig, Impact Rotary Drilling Rig, Rotary Drilling Rig, Rotary Drilling Rig, Recirculating Drilling Rig, Long Screw Drilling Rig, Diving Drilling Rig, Static Pile Driver, Pile Driver ;

Engineering ship: dredger;

Special vehicles: bridge detection vehicles, fire engines, window machines, flat beam vehicles, high-altitude vehicles, self-propelled aerial work platform;

Light industry machinery: beverage machinery, blow molding machine, packaging machinery, filling machine, back to open bottle machine, injection molding machine;

Marine cranes: floating crane.

Equipment platform

In addition to a variety of construction machinery, the scope of application of rotary support has been gradually expanded, similar to port equipment, metallurgical equipment, drilling platform and other equipment platform has begun to use a wide range of rotary bearings instead of the original bearings.

Port equipment: port cranes, front cranes;

New energy equipment: wind power equipment, solar power generation equipment;

Metallurgical equipment: metallurgical crane, ladle rotary table, grasping steel machine, clay gun, oxygen blowing device;

Amusement equipment: Ferris wheel;

Airport equipment: Airport refueling machine;

Military equipment: radar, tanks and so on;

Robot: palletizing robot, welding robot, manipulator;

Medical equipment: Gamma knife;

Environmental protection equipment: scraper;

Parking equipment: Tower garage;

Drilling equipment, kitchen equipment, CNC equipment (wire cutting machine, quenching machine), brick machine.

A Method for Solving Rotational Supports Noise

Rotary support noise Common dust and scars of the two solutions are as follows: (1) dust control method of rotation inside the dust and other foreign matter, there will be aperiodic vibration, the so-called dust, the vibration and noise Size, and yes or no Dust control method: to improve the slewing ring / turntable bearing cleaning method, before installation, bearings, shafts, seat holes and matching parts all strictly clean; clean the foreign body of the lubricant; improve the bearing seal; avoid the use of material impure Or a plastic cage with foreign objects embedded.

(2) the control of the scars of the rolling support of the rolling surface if cracked, indentation or corrosion, it will occur as riveting rivets as the cycle of vibration and noise, the cycle may be fixed but mostly with the speed of a certain correspondence Relationship, the scars in the channel will occur continuously, the scars on the ball when the hidden time, and this noise with the installation and lubrication conditions and a certain change. This type of noise control method: the installation can not hit the bearing, the bearing and the shaft assembled and then loaded into the bearing seat to prevent the bearing oblique; stock to prevent corrosion and damage to prevent shock when transport; use high viscosity grease The In the case of

(3) noise caused by lubrication and its countermeasures Lubricant selection error, lack of lubricant or aging induration, can lead to rotary bearing / turntable bearing vibration and noise, and this noise is not a certain law. In this case, only use the appropriate lubricant, adjust the amount of lubricant, extend the service life of the lubricant and reasonably determine the replacement cycle. In the case of

(4) host-related noise and its countermeasures This noise is not simply caused by the bearing, and thus from the bearing side to find the reason is invalid, the host should pay attention to the overall, if necessary, to improve the performance of the host. Mainly describes the motor in the common buzzing and rack resonance sound. A motor beeps and their countermeasures The axial vibration of the motor shaft causes a large high frequency noise - beep, whose frequency is the same as the axial vibration frequency and can be constant or variable. The way to prevent beeping is the same as that for preventing axial vibration. B bearing frame resonant sound and its countermeasures The outer ring mass of the axial vibration caused by axial bending of the bearing frame caused by the inherent vibration, a known as the resonance sound noise will be generated. Increasing the preloading method can improve the axial natural frequency of the outer ring mass system, destroy the resonance conditions and reduce the noise.

Rotary support works

According to the actual use and design structure have different ways of working, the basic work in two ways:

1, the inner ring fixed its support role, the outer ring rotation;

2, the outer ring fixed its support role, the inner ring rotation.