Slewing Bearings A Bearing With High Load Capacity

Rotary support is a large bearing that can withstand integrated loads and can withstand large axial, radial and overturning moments. Slewing bearings generally with mounting holes, internal gears or external gears, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, which can make the host design compact structure, easy to guide, easy maintenance. Slewing bearing, with four-point contact ball bearings, two-way angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, crossed tapered roller bearings and three rows of cylindrical roller bearings Series of four-point contact ball bearings with high static load capacity, cross cylindrical roller with high dynamic load capacity, cross tapered roller bearing pre-interference can make the bearing has a greater support rigidity and rotation accuracy, Three rows of cylindrical roller bearings as a result of the load capacity to lead to the bearing height, a variety of forces were born by different raceways, so the same force, the bearing diameter can be greatly reduced, so that the host is more compact features A high bearing capacity of slewing bearings. Slewing bearings are widely used in large-scale rotary devices such as lifting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, marine equipment and high-precision radar machinery and missile launchers. At the same time can also be based on the specific requirements of the user design, development, production of a variety of special structure slewing bearings.

Rotary bearing the use of the process due to their own quality and external conditions, its bearing, rotation accuracy and friction reduction performance will change, when the bearing performance is lower than the use of the requirements can not work, known as bearing damage or failure, Turntable bearings in the event of damage and other unexpected circumstances, there will be its machines, equipment stall, function damage and other anomalies.

So in the short term to investigate and deal with the causes, take appropriate measures, rotary bearing damage than the general mechanical parts of the damage is much more complex, turntable bearing damage is characterized by many forms of the reasons for the complex, bearing damage in addition to bearing design and manufacturing Of the internal factors, in part because of improper use, support design unreasonable, improper installation, poor lubrication, sealing and other external factors caused by bad.

It is of great significance to study the formation and cause of the damage of the rotary bearing. On the one hand, it can improve the use method, use the bearing correctly, give full play to the bearing performance and help to develop the new product with better performance.