Rolling Code Model

1) with an inner diameter of the bearing basic code from right first two numerals. The inner diameter of the common bearing diameter d = 20 ~ 480mm is generally a multiple of 5, the two numbers indicate the bearing bore size is 5 by the quotient obtained, such as 04 indicates d = 20mm; 12 represents d = 60mm and so on. For an inner diameter of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 17mm bearing diameter code followed by 00, 01 and 03. For less than 10mm diameter and greater than 500mm bearing, diameter representation otherwise, can be found in GB / T272-93.

2) diameter of the bearing series (ie, the same structure, the same changes in the outer diameter of the bearing inner diameter and width of the series) with a basic code the third digit from the right. For example, radial bearings and angular contact bearings, special light series represents 0,1; 2 represents light series; 3 represents the series; 4 represents a heavy series. Size comparison between the series is shown below. 1 shows a thrust bearing except special light series, the other showing consistent with the radial bearing.