Roller Bearings Application Is Very Extensive

Thrust roller bearings are bearings in a more common bearing, the application is very wide.

So, in the use of the process, should pay attention to what?

First of all, look at the thrust roller bearing room tolerance selection and control:

1, thrust roller bearings into the thrust roller bearings should be flexible after the rotation without blocking sense. If there is a clear rotation is not flexible, it means that the size of the shaft is too large, the tolerance to be reduced. Such as thrust roller bearings into the shaft after the hand by hand there is a clear "sand" feeling, it may be too much tolerance of the shaft or shaft roundness is not good. So in the control of shaft and thrust roller bearing room tolerance to control the roundness, the current domestic manufacturers only to control the tolerance, there is no control of the roundness.

2, thrust roller bearing assembly: Because the thrust roller bearings are high-precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to the thrust roller bearing channel, resulting in damage to the thrust roller bearings. Thrust roller bearings in the assembly should have a dedicated mold, can not be tapping, in the press into the shaft when only a small circle of force, pressure circle can only large circle force. Assembly requirements of the use of air pressure or hydraulic pressure in the upper and lower mold to be outside the horizontal state, if the tilt will lead to thrust roller bearing groove due to damage to the force, leaving the thrust roller bearing guide.

3, the installation of foreign body to prevent: thrust roller bearings in the load on the rotor to do when the dynamic balance is easy to balance the iron into the thrust roller bearings into the internal, so it is best to install thrust roller bearings before the dynamic balance The There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate the assembly, the assembly in the thrust roller bearing room coated with some oil or grease from the lubrication effect, but often the operator is difficult to control the amount of good, if the oil or grease in the thrust roller bearing room accumulated more , It is easy to enter the thrust roller bearing along the shaft when the thrust roller bearing is rotated. Thrust roller bearing room is best not to paint oil or grease, such as non-coated can not be controlled in the thrust roller bearing room can not stay.

4, the prevention of paint rust: paint rust is characterized by multiple in the sealed motor, the motor sound in the assembly is very good, but put some time in the warehouse, the motor varies greatly, remove the thrust roll Sub-bearing a serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers will think that before the thrust roller bearing the problem, through our continuous publicity, and now the motor factory has been aware of the problem is mainly insulating paint. The problem is mainly due to the insulating material of the acidic material in a certain temperature, humidity, the formation of corrosive substances, the thrust roller bearing channel corrosion caused by thrust roller bearings damaged. The problem is currently only a good choice of insulating paint, and after the ventilation in a period of time after the assembly. Thrust roller bearings in the use of the process, the most important is the length of life. The length of life and bearing the manufacture, assembly, use are closely related. In the use of the process must pay attention to the daily maintenance.