Qingdao Rizhao Tourism

Company chairman and general manager Mr. Jiao in order to thank all staffs for their hard work, June 29 to July 1, organized a tourism to Rizhao and Qingdao, China. 

The first day of the evening we arrived at Rizhao, live in the sea fishing house hotel. Arrived at the Rizhao is over 12 o'clock, with the infinite desire for the sea, many colleagues have forgotten all tired on the way, four clock in the morning to get up, went to the beach to see the sea and feel the cool wind. According to the itinerary, in the Rizhao we first take a boat to visit Peach Blossom Island, experience the thrill and excitement of the sea speedboat; then visit the lighthouse scenery, ice and snow world, there are interesting 3D illusion art museum, experience the thrilling 6D film, facing the cool sea breeze, enjoy the fun of riding. Rizhao's last arrangement is swimming, stand on soft yellow sand, followed by waves of waves, close contact with nature!

The next day is Qingdao, we experienced the ferry, visited the underwater world, learn a bit of marine knowledge. The whole journey cheerful and compact, On morning July 1 we return to Luoyang.