Prevention Of Tapered Roller Bearings Rust Three Magic Weapon

  Prevention of tapered roller bearings rust three magic weapon

  We use tapered roller bearings, the rust is a common thing, can be made of metal materials into the parts, is only the process may be rust, roller bearings then we want to prevent tapered roller bearings rust What? To share the three magic to prevent the bearing rust.

  1, soaking method: IKO bearings soaked in rust-proof grease, so that the surface adhesion of a layer of anti-rust grease method. Oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the rust-proof grease.

  2, brushing method: roller bearings not suitable for immersion or spraying of IKO bearings or special shape of the bearings, brushing should not only pay attention to the accumulation of anti-rust oil, but also to prevent leakage coating.

  3, spray method: some large thrust ball bearings can not be used to soak the oil, generally with about 0.7Mpa pressure filter compressed air in the air cleaning place for spraying. roller bearings Spray method for solvent dilution type anti-rust oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, but must use the perfect fire and labor protection measures.