Mistakes Bearings

When some mechanic install cylinder pad, like pad coated with a layer of butter in the cylinder, so that the engine can increase the tightness. As everyone knows, this is not only useless, but harmful. As we all know, is an important cushion cylinder sealing material between automobile engine block and the cylinder head, it requires not only high temperature and high pressure gas cylinder within tight seal produced, and must be sealed through the cylinder head and the cylinder body has a certain pressure and flow rate cooling water and the oil, thus requiring disassembly when the cylinder head gasket, paying particular attention to the quality of the seal.

If the cylinder pad butter, when the cylinder head bolt tightening, some butter will be squeezed into the cylinder waterways and oil channels, to stay in the butter cylinder head gasket between when the cylinder working, due to high temperature, part of the flow into the cylinder combustion, another part of the coke is burned is stored in conjunction with the surface of the cylinder head, the high temperature under high pressure, the cylinder head gasket can easily puncture or burn, causing the engine leak. So do not buttering installation cylinder pad.