Low Noise Deep Groove Ball Bearings Are Properly Installed And Adjusted

Bearing noise is inevitable, so many of the bearings are selected when the choice of low-noise deep groove ball bearings use, that the installation of low-noise deep groove ball bearings and adjust the bearing is usually used the same? I would like to share with you on the low noise deep groove ball bearings correct installation and adjustment methods.

1, low noise deep groove ball bearing installation and adjustment can also be imitated long life deep groove ball bearing grouping method, making the interference with the size of the more consistent, deep groove ball bearing clearance is also more consistent, and hope to cooperate with the interference in May take a smaller range to ensure that the deformation of the deep groove ball bearing raceway is small, so that the noise caused by the rolling body becomes smaller.

2, the gap on the noise of a great relationship, the ideal state is when the deep groove ball bearings in the operation of the highest temperature state, the clearance value is just zero. Judgment of the loops are too large methods are: static state to axial displacement, the reciprocating range of large, in the operation of large and heavy noise emitted.

3, if the operation issued a nasty sharp whistle, then deep groove ball bearing preload is too large, deep groove ball bearings have a large pre-interference, should be slightly relaxed preload level. If the clearance is too large, you can make two deep groove ball bearing ring slightly relative to the axial direction: both to reduce the clearance, but also increased the axial rigidity, can reduce the deep groove ball bearing noise.

4, the rolling body into the no-load area will slip or to move around, so that will increase the noise will cause wear and tear, and small clearance and large axial stiffness to eliminate this phenomenon. But the clearance can not be too small, so as not to cause the temperature is too high and shortened life expectancy.

5, sometimes because the host of the operating temperature range is large, or the size of the shaft and the seat of a large discrepancy, can not be set to get a more appropriate clearance, in this case, the deep groove ball bearing outer ring Using elastic constant pressure preload method.