Listed In Central China Securities Trading Center

July 6, 2017, Central China Securities Co., Ltd. Luoyang Branch recommended 12 outstanding enterprises held a centralized listing ceremony in Zhengzhou Central China Securities Trading Center. Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. as one of the12 listed companies are also present. General Manager Jiao Shaoqin on behalf of the company to accept the awards ceremony.

Central China Securities trading center listed business is divided into two categories: one is display listed, the other is transactions listed. At present, our company is a listed company, listed on the board is the Central China Securities trading center to disclose corporate information, fully embodies the enterprise value, corporate governance, development planning and financing needs and other information.

Central China Securities Trading Center Listing Significance:

1, listed in the Central China SecuritiesTrading Center, enterprises can establish a direct financing platform to achieve equity pricing and value-added.

2, listed companies can enhance the ability to resist risks, enhance development potential, the establishment of a modern enterprise system, standardize the corporate governance structure and management level, reduce operational risk.

3, listing can establish a corporate brand, and then more effectively expand the market.

4, enterprises can also increase employee holdings and other forms to attract and retain talents.