Inspection Methods For Leakage Of Slewing Bearings

  Inspection methods for leakage of slewing bearings

  In general, it is normal to have a small amount of oil spill in the outer oil seal under working conditions. The so-called normal, is refers to through the rotary bearing external seal leakage oil quantity and raises to the slewing bearing oil quantity roughly equal. However, when a large number of oil spills on the excavator abnormal phenomenon, it must be inspected. Due to the particularity of the lubrication structure of the rotary part, it is necessary to analyze whether there is leakage and determine the problem in order to solve the problem finally. Specific inspection steps and methods are as follows:

  (1) Whether the maintenance is correct

  The grease cycle of the rotary bearing cavity shall be between 150 (the recommended maintenance period is 250h, but the actual work can be shortened according to the working intensity and frequency of the rotary part). If the raise is too frequent, it will lead to a large amount of oil leakage.

  (2) whether the hydraulic oil or gear oil of the rotary motor is in the cavity of the rotary gear ring

  If the leakage of this situation, open the rotary gear lubrication grease inspection cover, will find that lubricating grease has become dilute. This thinning is the characteristic of mixing hydraulic oil or gear oil.

  (3) Whether the equipment of the original filling oil selection is correct

  As the original equipment to raise the grease may be incorrect, there will be a rotary bearing or rotary ring temperature slightly higher fat on the condition of thinning. If the diluted grease is driven by the Rotary Motor's active gear in the meshing process to the upper end of the inner gear ring, it will flow through the inner oil seal into the bearing cavity, and finally the grease drips out from the outside oil seal.

  (4) Whether the external oil seal is missing

  Carefully along the rotary oil seal to check, to determine whether the local, sector leakage or even the surrounding leakage. Check the entire rotary oil seal for missing phenomenon.

  (5) Whether the outer oil seal is fixed

  The outer oil seal should be relative fixed with the sealing groove of the exit frame. The key to the inspection is to observe the rotation of the excavator. If the oil seal also rotates at the same time when the equipment is rotated, the existing oil seal has been loosened in the sealing groove and the outer oil seal must be replaced. It is dangerous to adopt this method, so we should pay attention to safety, but this is one of the important methods to check whether the Rotary oil seal does play a role in sealing.

  (6) Whether the internal oil seal has obvious damage

  Open the rotary gear ring lubrication Grease Check lid, check the gear ring oil cavity whether there is a large amount of oil reduction, whether there is a seal broken fragments. If it is a large amount of grease, indicating that grease has been missed.