How To Use The Oil

(1) according to the characteristics of the internal combustion engine and vehicle, namely oil load and speed.
Low load, such as bulldozers, cranes, and drilling machine, commonly used in high viscosity lubricating oil, such as SF40 CD50;Small power equipment widely used low viscosity lubricating oil, such as SG15W / 40 SF30 etc.
(2) according to the severity of the engine.
Such as engine temperature higher than the area 230-250 ℃, the strength coefficient is greater than 5, choose a CD than turbocharged diesel engine oil oil, such as CD40, SG/CD40, and so on.Gasoline engine's compression ratio and the positive crankcase ventilation pressure, exhaust gas recirculation and catalytic converters, such as using the oil, compression ratio, using high oil level, with the additional equipment, usually more than SG oil use.
(3) the engine oil capacity and power than using oil also.
Oil capacity and power than using oil also.Engine oil capacity fuel quality requirement is not strict, high quality demand of oil capacity.European production engine is small in size, power, you need to use the high quality oil, such as SHSJ.
(4) according to region, season, choose oil temperature.
In winter in cold regions, should choose the low oil viscosity, pour point, or a thickening of oil, such as the northeast, can choose SF10W / 30, SH5W / 30, high temperature throughout the year, such as hainan, guangdong and guangxi region, you can choose the high viscosity oil, such as SF40 CD50.
(5) to wear and selected according to engine oil.
Should use the new oil viscosity is small (energy saving), wearing big, engine cylinder wall and piston clearance should use high viscosity (considered).