High Speed Wire Rod Rolling Mill Bearings

The operating feature of High Speed Wire Rod Rolling Mill Bearings is that it can operate under high-speed and high-impact conditions continuously, stably and reliably, and it also has long service life. This is because of the high unit output of high-speed wire product line and the prohibition of damage of bearings as key parts on the mill within the specified maintenance period. Bearing damage will cause the shutdown of the whole production line and cause huge loss to the still mill, which is intolerable to the factory.

The bearing inner and outer rings of this kind of bearings uses io-class high-cleanliness bearing steel or double vacuum smelting bearing steel, fitting with special heat treatment process, cold treatment process, material modification technology and specially processed roller path with higher precision, greatly improving the fatigue life of bearing.

The fatigue life of the long life high speed wire mill bearing made of ceramic rolling element and high speed refractory bearing steel is 4 times of that of high speed wire mill bearing made of standard bearing steel.

Reliable High Speed Wire Rod Rolling Mill Bearing with long service life can make the production line of the steel mill have longer maintenance period, reduce unplanned outage failures, lower the maintenance cost of the production line, extend the service life of equipment and minimize the production loss.