High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel

High carbon chromium bearing steel refers to the high carbon alloy steel with 1.30-1.65% of chromium. Its features are: the micro organization after heat treatment is comparatively even and stable, good abrasion, high stress fatigue strength, good size stability and anti-abrasion.

This type of bearing can satisfy the requirement of working under general working condition.The brand numbers of common high carbon chromium bearing steel are GCr15 and GCr15SiMn. The performances of these two types of bearings are basically the same. But the hardenability of of GCr15SiMn is better than GCr15 so GCr15SiMn is adopted for comparatively larger bearing parts. Because the crack sensitivity of GCr15SiMn is comparatively large and the impact resistance is low it cannot fully satisfy the requirement on thick-wall bearing and mine bearing it is not allowed by the railway department to use CGr15SiMn on the bus bearing. It is also limited to use on thick-wall roll mill and mine machinery under large compact load.

Now high carbon chromium bearing steel GCr18Mo and GCr15SiMn with high hardenability have been developed its performance are superior than GCr15 and can be used as a substitute on the railway bearing, roll mill bearing and mine machinery bearing.