Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings For Roll Neck

Four Row Tapered roller bearings are very popular for use on roll necks of rolling mill. Their ability to support high radial loads combined with axial loads make them a perfect choice. It mainly is used onto back-up roller, middle roller and work roller. They have a loose fit with the roll and the housing and may be lubricated using grease, oil mist or oil-air systems.

Most of four row tapered roler bearings are composed of two double cones, a cone spacer, two single cups, one double cone, and two cup spacers. They are very effective at operating under heavy radial and axial loads at low to moderate speeds.

CHG four row tapered bearings are standardly supplied with carburized rings and rollers and are compatible with industry standards.

The CHG sealed four row tapered roller bearings are new standard series products especially developed to satisfy the "high load capacity", "high load resistance performance" and "high sealing performance" required for steel mill roll-neck applications and to improve reliability through long life design.