Fault And Analysis Of Slewing Bearings Of Drilling Rig

  Fault and Analysis of Slewing Bearings of Drilling Rig

  Slewing Bearings failure phenomenon and cause analysis:

  1. Excavation of the Slewing Bearings of the rig There are intermittent pieces of sound - like crushed crushed stone, harsh metal crushed sound, the fault tells you that the slewing bearing has been worn seriously.

  2. Excavation of the Slewing Bearings between the upper and lower ring gap is clearly open, you can simply measure the four points of the Slewing Bearings, outside the ring gear, or the ring gear as a benchmark to determine the gap between the inner and outer ring, if more than 2 mm below, Can still adhere to February, more than 3 mm above the bearing facing the edge of collapse.

  3. Slewing Bearings sealing system and lubrication system is the protection of Slewing Bearingss and maintenance system, 85% of the users did not do this, all the reasons is that the operator, especially the driver of their own, resulting in Slewing Bearings dry consumption.

  4. Excavation of drilling machine Slewing Bearings failure can also be seen in the work of the time, jitter, vibration or forward and backward, Slewing Bearings deformation reached a serious level.

  5. digging drilling machine Slewing Bearings turntable bearings and slewing bearings directly stuck, is more users finally had to stop the final results, and even the user directly forced to pull the Slewing Bearings rotation, the results of the tragedy occurred.

  Slewing Bearings failure solution:

  1. In the rotation of the bearing when the sound is unknown, not quickly filling the grease, but the addition of kerosene, directly from the bearing gap, the seal pulled out, directly around the filling, and positive and negative rotation, cleaning, as far as possible The cleaning. At this time the internal groove of the slewing bearing, the ball, the ball will get a slight clean. Wash off the rotating bearing debris, more than anything else.

  2. After cleaning the bearings, filling the oil, the concentration, that is, the viscosity is slightly higher, this time, the seal has been lost, sticky little better, high adhesion rate.

  3. Strengthen the temporary protection, to prevent dust, dust, debris into the bearing channel, to ensure that within 2-3 can be reluctant to use.