Diagnosis Of Ball Bearing Damage To The Three Major Skills

Ball Bearing the use of the process, the damage is inevitable, mainly reflected in the early and late distinction. If the Ball Bearing early damage, how do we judge the degree of Ball Bearing damage? Only for the specific circumstances of the correct solution to better repair the Ball Bearing, the Ball Bearing performance will not change, the following author to share the diagnosis of the degree of rough injury in the three major skills.

1, observation: If the Ball Bearings are well lubricated and no debris and moisture into, indicating that the Ball Bearing oil seal is not worn, if you open the original imported Ball Bearing box, the visual inspection of the Ball Bearing and check the oil seal. Check the oil seal near the Ball Bearing to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent hot liquid, corrosive liquids and gases from penetrating into the Ball Bearing along the axis. If the oil seal is damaged, replace it as soon as possible. Check the automatic lubrication system to ensure that the oil or grease enters the Ball Bearing and ensure that the correct amount of toner is checked at the same time to check whether the lubricant is discolored or darkened. If this condition usually indicates that the lubricant contains impurities, this condition uses the Ball Bearing Is also harmful.

2, listen: the use of hearing to identify irregular operation of a very common method. Such as a screwdriver or electronic stethoscope to detect a streamlined non-normal noise is a certain experience of the operator and maintenance personnel often use the approach. If the Ball Bearing is in a good running state will be issued a low whining sound, such as the Ball Bearing is issued by the sharp hiss, squeak and other irregular sound, it may be that the Ball Bearings have been in a bad state of operation bingo.

3, touch: high temperature often said that imported Ball Bearings have been in exceptional circumstances, high temperature lubricants on the Ball Bearing is also harmful, but the Ball Bearing at some time when the high temperature caused by the lubricant within the Ball Bearing, if the Ball Bearing at more than 120 ℃ temperature Long-term operation will reduce Ball Bearing life. Causes of high temperature Ball Bearing causes Lubricant is insufficient or excessive lubrication, the lubricant contains impurities, the load is too large, the Ball Bearing is damaged, the gap is insufficient and the oil seal is engaged in friction. Under normal circumstances, the Ball Bearings will have a natural temperature rise just after lubrication or after lubrication and will last for one to two days.