Crossed Roller Bearings Widely Used In Such As Industrial Robots And Other Places

Crossed roller bearings whose rollers are arranged at right angles to each other between the inner and outer wheels. They can bear the load from each direction (such as axial, thrust or momentum load, etc.). Due to the roller and the track surface into the current contact, so the bearing by the load and the possibility of elastic deformation is very small.

This type of bearing is widely used in such as industrial robots, work machinery and medical facilities, need to be high rigidity, close and high speed can still ensure the accuracy of the occasion. In a cross roller bearing, a cylindrical roller is capable of withstanding radial load and axial load by a cylindrical roller on a V-shaped groove rolling surface of 90 ° being arranged perpendicularly to each other by an interval holder And the torque load in all directions. The size of the inner and outer rings is minimized, the extremely thin type is a small size close to the limit, and has a high rigidity,

It is most suitable for the use of the joint portion or the rotating portion of the industrial robot, the rotary table of the machining center, the rotary portion of the manipulator, the precision rotary table, the medical machine, the meter, and the IC manufacturing apparatus.

Basic cross roller bearings on the basis of a lot of structural differences derived from the cross roller bearings, in order to facilitate the use of different requirements of the occasion. From the large class up points, can be divided into: basic cross roller bearings, high rigidity cross roller bearings, ultra-thin cross roller bearings; from the external structure of the points, with inner ring split, outer ring split type, inside and outside Ring-type; from the internal structure to points, and can be divided into full complement roller type, metal window holder type, nylon or metal isolation block type; in accordance with the connection to distinguish, there are bolt connection type, rivet connection type and spring Disc type and so on, a wide variety.

The main advantages of cross roller bearings:

First of all, the structure of the cross roller bearings is relatively simple, through a row of single-track cross-row of cylindrical rolling elements, you can get a considerable axial, radial bearing capacity and overturning moment. In addition, the cross roller bearing does not cause a roller contact phenomenon or lock phenomenon, and because the standard cross roller roller bearing inner and outer ring is a split structure, the gap can be adjusted even if the pre-pressure is applied, but also get high Precision of the rotary motion.