Crossed Roller Bearings Assembly

  Crossed Roller Bearings assembly

  the first

  Inspection of assembly parts:

  Keep the spindle, housing, or other mounting parts thoroughly clean, remove oil or impurities, and check for burrs or burrs. The following are the same as the "


  Insert the Crossed Roller Bearings into the housing:

  Because it is thin-walled bearings, easy to tilt when loading. In order to prevent this phenomenon, please keep the level, while the plastic hammer evenly beat, little by little the Crossed Roller Bearingss carefully into the bearing seat or shaft, until the sound confirmation and the reference plane is completely close The


  Fixed flange installation:

  (1) Place the fixing flange on the Crossed Roller Bearings. Shake the fixed flange several times to match the position of the bolt hole.

  (2) Insert the fixing bolt into the hole. When turning the bolt by hand, make sure that it is difficult to screw the bolt due to the deviation of the bolt hole.

  (3) The locking of the fixing bolts can be divided into 3-4 stages by incomplete locking to full locking, and are repeatedly tightened in the order of the diagonal. When tightening the split inner or outer ring, the overall outer ring or inner ring is slightly rotated to correct the deviation of the inner and outer rings from the main body.