CHG Thin Section Sealed Bearing For Industrial Robots Structural Design

Design Optimization of Principal Parameters

The determination of the principal parameters is a crucial part in the process of bearing design. The principal parameters of the thin-section four-point contact ball bearing include the diameter of steel balls, the amount of steel balls and the pitch diameter of ball. The values of these parameters should take the improvement of the working performance into consideration, such as the maximum rigidity, minimum friction torque, etc., which helps maximize the service life of bearings. Due to the thin wall, the best value of pitch diameter of the ball set should be the average value of inner diameter (d) and the outer diameter (D). The principal parameters of bearings are determined by the grid method through the PC optimization program according to the objective function and the constraints.

Main Structural Parameters

According to the conditions (such as working performance, long service life, high rigidity and low friction) that are required by the industrial robot applications, CHG Bearings maximize the dynamic load ratings in the design process. At the same time, due to the small cross-sectional area, CHG thin-section bearings require every structural parameter to achieve the optimized value in order to improve the contact stress distribution of bearing parts, which helps lubricant film to form the optimal contact condition; thus, enlarging the service life of bearings.  

Sealed Structure

The industrial robots tend to focus on miniaturization, lightweight, and high-precision; therefore, it is optimal to use bearings with sealed lubrication methods for industrial robots. The sealing performance is one of the important indicators when evaluating the sealed bearings. The bad seals will lead to early damage on sealed bearings because the lubricating grease gradually become less effective when contaminant enters the bearings. Therefore, sealing should be safe and reliable, at the same time, the specific working requirements and the specific structure of bearings should be considered as well when designing sealed bearings.