CHG Successfully Developed High-speed Wire Finishing Mill Bearings

Luoyang Huigong bearing company developed four kinds of bearings for high-speed wire finishing mill to replace imported bearings. Installed on the machine for more than a year, the same level to similar bearings of foreign countries, has been recognized by customers.

At the beginning of the year, the customer requested to build bearings for the other four high-speed wire finishing mills. Now the sample has been successfully produced and tested at the engineering test center for limit speed and service life.

Customers specializing in high-speed wire rod mill and metallurgical machinery and equipment manufacturing, high-speed rolling mill equipment exports to Europe and the United States market. High-speed wire finishing mill usually consists of 10 units, each device consists of cone box and rolling box composition. Four specifications of the bearings in advance for the cone box, running test in line with customer requirements. Cone sets of bearing a total of eight specifications, this time the customer requirements a full set of bearing to test. After cone bearings successful replacement of imported bearings, customers expect CHG bearings to produce all main reducer bearings,spinning machine spindle bearings and roller bearings.

According to CHG Bearing R & D center is responsible for product development engineers, high-speed wire finishing mill bearings are high-precision products, processing is particularly difficult. Research and development of the four specifications of the bearings are used universal matching process, the cage with special materials, special technology, is currently undergoing speed limit test.

CHG bearing company has broken through the high-speed wire mesh finishing mill bearing core technology, will replace the imported bearings.