CHG Robot Bearings Help "Machine Replacement"

177374278.jpg"Now the production capacity is really very nervous, but must ensure that the delivery time as soon as possible ... ..." Recently Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. encountered a "happy trouble": a customer order, a total can not separate a question - Delivery.

Mobile phone assembly, automotive welding, laser cutting, etc. ... In recent years, the field of robot applications continue to expand, the robot bearing market demand rising year by year, the production capacity of the enterprise "bright red."

Industrial robotic bearings have important implications for the key performance indicators of robots, such as smooth operation of the robot, repeat positioning accuracy, job accuracy and work reliability. High precision, manufacturing difficult, robot bearings in the domestic market research and development encountered the most difficult.

Thin section bearings, Crossed roller bearings are usually used as joint bearings in industrial robots. Dealer bearing product accuracy can reach P4 grade. Precision bearings always in the R & D and production of the leading position, with a better market share. Last year, CHG bearing company to achieve the output value of more than 3,000 million, an increase of 20%. CHG as Luoyang Bearing brand, has covered a lot of markets, such as schools, research institutes, factories and many other areas.

At present, Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. precision workshop has been put into operation. In the future, we will also reduce the vibration, noise, extend bearing life, so that the quality of products to achieve the level of imported products, and strive to share more than 90% of the thin section bearing market, cross roller bearings and other precision bearings.