CHG Mill Bearings To Industry Leading Level

Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. since May 1998 put into operation, the rolling mill bearing has always been the focus of work. Strengthen the mill bearing R & D and production management, creating a rolling mill bearing zero burns industry records, Bearing production line management to achieve industry-leading level.

All along, CHG rely on fine management system, and constantly strengthen the management of the rolling mill bearings, has explore a set of effective management of the rolling mill bearing. Assembly, grinding in strict accordance with the quality requirements, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of grinding equipments, and timely elimination of hidden dangers; continue to optimize and improve the bearing lubrication measures, draw up of bearing maintenance period, regular replacement seals and bearing load pressure area to ensure the bearings always maintain a good running, To maximize the service life of bearings; moderate increase in oil film bearing internal pressure, replace bad bearings in timely.

The above measures effectively avoid the rolling mill bearing jam caused by roller grinding accuracy is not enough, poor lubrication. The probability of burning the mill bearings is minimal.

CHG will ensure that the rolling mill bearing on the basis of stable operation, and further increase the refinement of management, and use domestic bearings to replace part of the imported bearings, thereby greatly reducing spare parts costs, to achieve custom costs continue to decrease.