CHG Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearings for structure and rotating accuracy


CHG Crossed Cylindrical Roller Bearing is one kind of bearing whose rollers are orthogonally arranged between outer ring and inner ring. The rollers linearly contact with the raceway. It has high rigidity and less elastic strain. At the same time, this bearing can support radial load, axial load and moment load simultaneously. They are especially suitable for the applications with high rigidity and high rotating accuracy. The dimensions of both inner ring and outer ring are downsized. For the ultrathin type, the size is minimized, close to the limit. With the slim structure and the high rigidity, this kind of bearing is suitable for the areas such as the joints or rotating parts on industrial robots, the revolving working table of machining center, the rotating part in mechanical watches, the high-precision rotating table, medical equipment, the measuring instrument, the equipment for manufacturing IC and etc.

Rotating Accuracy

There is a separate unit between rollers that are arranged perpendicular to each other in bearings, which help prevent the friction between rollers and reduce the torque. Unlike the steel cage that was used before, the separate unit can avoid the deadlock that rollers contact with only one side. At the same time, the bearing internal clearance is adjustable due to the division in the inner ring (or outer ring). The bearing can rotate with high precision even though the preload is applied.