Characteristics Of Thin Wall Sealed Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

1. Small cross-section, light weight.    

    Inner diameter and outer diameter ratio is small, the rolling elements with smaller diameter and large numbers. Compared to same diameter of the    standard bearing, Thin wall sealed four point contact ball bearing weight about 5% of standard bearings, cross-sectional area is about 20%.    

2. Bearing section unchanged. 

   All series of thin wall four point contact ball bearing have the same cross-section, does not change with the inner and outer diameter changes.    

3.Smaller width, higher loads. 
   Thin wall sealed four point contact ball bearing can bear radial load, double direction thrust load and overturning moment, it is equivalent to two         sets of back-to-back installation of angular contact ball bearings, but its width is only equivalent to a set of angular contact ball bearings