Bearing Characteristics

Bearing is often said that the plane bearing in the form of simple, large contact area, if you maintain good lubrication, abrasion resistance will be good, bearing life expectancy

It will be very long. Carrying capacity of plain bearings, high precision rotation, the lubricating film having a shock effect. Therefore widely used in engineering. But his greatest

The disadvantage is unable to maintain sufficient oil reserves, once the lack of lubricant, it immediately led to severe wear and failure.

Bearing according to bear the load direction can be divided into: radial thrust sliding bearings and plain bearings

The lubricant film is divided into different principle: dynamic pressure sliding bearings and hydrostatic slide bearings

Depending on the structure can be divided into: the overall sliding bearings Split Bearing Features:

Rolling and compared to plain bearings with a high bearing capacity, resistance to shock, smooth and reliable, low noise, long life and other characteristics.