Ball Bearing Damage Six Diagnostic Techniques

Mechanical equipment on the use of Ball Bearings, damage is a common failure mode, the damage is a variety of phenomena, in order to facilitate the repair of the Ball Bearing, we can diagnose the technology to determine how the Ball Bearing in the end, now tell you On the Ball Bearing damage six diagnostic techniques.

1, oil film resistance diagnosis technology

Features: The same criteria can be used for different operating conditions. On the surface peeling, indentation, cracks and other abnormal diagnostic effect is poor.

Application: Suitable for rotating shaft exposed occasions.

2, vibration diagnosis technology

Features: Vibrating diagnostic technology is widely used; can achieve on-line monitoring; diagnosis is fast, the diagnosis theory is mature.

Applications: Particularly suitable for rotating machinery in the angular contact ball Ball Bearing fault monitoring.

3, iron spectrum diagnosis technology

Features: the machine without disintegration; low investment, good effect; can be found in oil-Ball Bearing early fatigue failure; do wear mechanism research.

Application: Suitable for lubrication of angular contact ball Ball Bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, it is more difficult to lubricate Ball Bearings with grease.

4, temperature diagnostic technology

Features: simple diagnosis; Ball Bearing burns to determine the effect is better.

Applications: Simple routine diagnostics for Ball Bearings in machines.

5, optical fiber monitoring and diagnosis technology

Features: Optical fiber displacement sensor high sensitivity; directly from the oil-free Ball Bearing surface to extract the signal to improve the signal to noise ratio; can directly reflect the angular contact ball Ball Bearing manufacturing quality, surface wear, load, lubrication and clearance.

Application: Suitable for machines where the sensor can be installed in the housing.

6, acoustic emission diagnostic technology

Features: fast and easy to diagnose; can be monitored online.

Application: In recent years the development of new technologies, Ball Bearing conditions in the application of less monitoring.

Ball Bearing damage to the performance of mechanical equipment to use this close relationship, so when the Ball Bearing is abnormal damage, be sure to timely diagnosis, and take the correct measures to modify, so as to ensure better use of Ball Bearings, mechanical equipment is not damaged The