718 Series Of Thin-section Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing can simultaneously bear radial load and axial load from a single direction. Axial component force will be caused when it bears radial load. So it is often required to assemble Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing with another bearing that bears load from the opposite direction. Therefore Angular Contact Ball Bearings often adopt two three four or five bearings assembled together. The limit speed of Angular Contact Ball Bearing is comparatively high.

CHG Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing consists of 718 series,719 series. The outer diameter and width increase successively for bearing with the same inner diameter.

The contact angles of CHG light series Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing includes 15 degrees (C), 25 degrees (AC)and 40 degrees(B). For Angular Contact Ball Bearing the axial load ability is larger and the limit speed is lower when the contact angle is larger. Therefore bearing with 15 degrees contact angle should be adopted on main shaft with high rotation speed and small axial load. The bearing with 25 degrees or 40 degrees contact angle should be adopted under opposite condition.

CHG Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearing includes High-speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing (standard series), Extra-high Speed Angular Contact Ceramic Ball Bearing, High-speed Seal Angular Contact Ball Bearing.

For rolling bearing used under common working condition the inner ring and outer ring are made of High Carbon Chrome Bearing Steel. However under some application such as extra-high speed, wear resistance,low temperature rise, long life and high reliability steel bearing can not satisfy the requirement for working condition. Bearing material with superior performance should be selected under this circumstance. Among them Silicon Oxide is generally considered as the current idealest substitute for rolling bearing material.

CHG also provides Hybrid Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearing which is widely applied on High-speed Precision Lathe main shaft and main shaft on High-speed Precision Machinery. The inner ring and outer ring of the bearing are made of high-quality bearing material and the rolling element is made of Silicon Oxide ceramic. 

Compared with standard Steel Angular Contact Ball Bearing with the same structure and same size Hybrid Ceramic Contact Ball Bearing has the advantages of high speed, high rigidity, low friction heat and long life.

CHG Precision Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing(HQU) can improve rotation speed, rigidity, reliability and efficiency. It also greatly extends the using life of the main engine.