Annual Award List Of 2017

    Awarded Groups   

1.Awarded Department:

Sales Department

2. Awarded Team:

Grinding Workshop

Turning Workshop

General Office – Cleaning Team


  CHG Award of Outstanding Contribution  

Technical Department – Zhaoji He


  CHG Award of Artisan    

         Quality Assurance Department – Huiying He


  CHG Quality Model   

Turning Workshop – Youwei Di

Grinding Workshop – Jigang Shi


   CHG Champion of Working Hours   

Turning Workshop – Xiufeng Zhang

Grinding Workshop – Zhengwei Wang


   CHG Outstanding Mentor   

Grinding Workshop – Ruifeng Zhang


  CHG Outstanding Employees  

Sales Department – Huizhao He

Production Department – Yage Liu

Production Department – JIngang Zhao

Technical Department – Xinghui Yuan

Treasury Department – Xiaoping Li

Quality Assurance Department – Lijuan Cai

Heat Treatment Department – Junjun Suo

Heat Treatment Department – Zhenfeng Huo

Roller Workshop – Haobo Shi

Roller Workshop – Xianxia Gao

Assembly Department – Zhifeng Liu


  CHG Outstanding New Employees  

Grinding Workshop – Shaohui Shen

Grinding Workshop –Yaliang Li

Grinding Workshop – Shuaitao Wang

Turning Workshop – Yingdao Wang

Roller Workshop – Xinxin Li

Assembly Department – Zhuantao Dong

Technical Department – Kai Liu

General Office – Peipei Wang