​Main Methods To Prevent Metal Rust

(a) select corrosion resistant material
Mainly non-ferrous metal alloy and stainless steel. 
(2) of the metal surface prefabricated metal (alloy) or non-metallic coating
1. The conversion film: black (blue), phosphating, anodic oxidation; 
2. The surface alloying nitriding, zinc impregnation, siliconizing, aluminized, chromizing, etc; 
3. The metal coating: spray plating metal, metal, hot dip plating, electroless plating, etc.; 
4. Non-metallic coating, enamel, ceramics, paint, plastic, rubber, etc.; 
5. Coating antirust materials: anti-rust water, cutting fluid, the gas phase inhibitor, can peel plastic, rust-proof oil, antirust grease, etc. 
(3) of cathodic protection
In sacrificial anode and cathodic protection of electrochemical method.Magnesium in sea water, as well as its block as anode with associated steel plate, make steel plate with current cathodic protection.Underground pipelines and chemical equipment, but also outside another anode and current steel (cathode) be protected. 
(4) to control the corrosion environment
1. The dehumidifier and humidification are adopted to decrease the temperature, relative humidity control in less than 60 ~ 70%, metal corrosion slow;Relative humidity under 60% when, non-metallic not gone mouldy; 
2. The nitrogen charging or vacuum packing seal can delay the rust; 
3. Packing internal corrosion inhibitor; 
4. The steel products in heating furnace (high temperature) and form a protective atmosphere in the furnace or home heating. 
To sum up, a lot of methods to prevent metal corrosion, many factors should be considered after the judgment to choose, such as: parts of the work environment, components of the service condition, the production of security, and degree of pollution to the environment, the manufacturing cost, etc.