Tapered roller bearings related knowledge introduction

Tapered roller bearings are mainly exposed to the radial diameter, axial load. Load bearing capacity depends on the outer ring raceway angle, angle the greater carrying capacity. This kind of bearing is a separate type bearings, according to the number of columns bearing rolling elements into single row, double row and four-row tapered roller bearings.

Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways, tapered roller arranged between the two. All conical surface projection lines in the bearing axis with a little together. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for bear compound (radial and axial) loads.

Most of axial load bearing capacity is determined by the contact angle α; α angle the greater the axial load capacity is higher. Angle size to calculate the coefficient of e said; e larger the value, the greater the contact angle, the bearing axial load greater applicability.

Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automotive, mill, mining, metallurgy, plastics machinery and other industries.

Tapered roller bearings are in the process means the emergence of scars secondary reason is: bearing means being sprung When assembling the inner and outer skew; or perhaps the process of being assembled in the device and load the emergence of strikes, culminating in the emergence of bearing scars .